About Us

Golden Apricot Manor was opened in 1996 by Nina Serban, our grandmother. She is a native Romanian who immigrated to the US in 1983, with two daughters in tow and a vision to build a new life free from Communism. After her immigration, she began a string of odd jobs, in order to support herself and her daughters in their new life.

However, Nina always had a dream to open her own business. With a knack for entrepreneurship and a servant’s caring heart, she left her day job and started her first senior care home in 1991, officially named Serban Care Home. Most people came to know about her home through word-of-mouth and many of her first residents were from friends and fellow church members, who had relatives that needed extra care.

After her success with Serban Care Home, she set her sights for building a bigger business to cater to more elderly residents in Whittier and the local surrounding communities. She finally found her ideal location on Sausalito Drive, located between Friendly Hills of Whittier and La Habra Heights. She loved the charm of the original house, which was littered with apricot trees in the backyard. Hence, she named the new home Golden Apricot Manor.

After some months of construction to expand the home to allow for better elderly care, she sold Serban Care Home soon after and concentrated solely on serving the residents who call Golden Apricot Manor home.

Now, almost 30 years later, our family takes great pride and joy in continuing to make a difference in our residents’ and their families’ lives. We achieve this mission by approaching care and assistance holistically through love, support, and friendship to our residents. We take the dignity and respect of our residents very seriously and believe that our residents are more than just people… They are family!

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